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About Us

About Us

Project Youth Mentorship Program is a non-profit organization established in January 2018. We seek to empower the youth through critical thinking, leadership development and professional mentorship. The program is committed to giving back to the community through the mentorship of young professionals. The program is implemented under three (3) key pillars as follows:

• Education – Pairing of mentors with mentees based on their professional background and interests. Organization of quarterly workshops on subjects like financial management, diplomacy, career counseling, business development and entrepreneurship.

• Empowerment – Equipping and mentoring young people to identify and hone their unique skills for their personal improvement. Mentees will be expected to make presentations and receive feedback from mentors.

• Community Service – Instilling the culture of community service and giving back to the community. Mentees will be expected to commit to volunteer work in their community and to share feedback on their experience on regular basis.

Our Mission

The mission of the program is to create a platform where young people will be paired with expert mentors across the globe to guide and equip them with the necessary skills that will ensure that they are able to assume the mantle of leadership and address the social, humanitarian, economic and political challenges that confront Africa.


To guide young people to be the best of themselves so that they may be well positioned to positively influence their community and/or countries’ development.


Respect for Diversity

Ways to get involved

Become a mentor

This is a mentorship program aimed at harnessing the talents and skills of young people through mentorship and it will be appreciated to have you on board as one of the mentors. By filling out the form, you commit to fulfill all the requirements of the program. Thank you.

Mentor Responsibilities

Commit to mentor a young person based on your profile and the needs of the young person for at least a year.

Maintain communication with the mentee through email, skype, phone or any other means favorable to both mentor and mentee.

Areas to be covered includes:
• Career guidance and development – Counsel mentee on various career options based on needs as well as peculiar strength of the mentee
• Life skills – Provide guidance on key areas of development such as networking, personal management, finances etc.

Commit to meet mentee in person at least twice in the year but preferably once every quarter.

Attend at least one of the workshops organized in the year. Two workshops will be planned in the year.

Maintain a cordial and professional relationship with the mentee

Where mentees are students, mentors can discuss academic progress and how they can improve. It is important to stress though that whilst some mentors may be academicians the focus is not to take the place of teachers but to guide the mentee on how to enjoy a full educational experience

Fill out a survey twice a year to provide feedback on the mentee

Report to PYM if any monetary demands are made by the mentee

** Being a mentor is purely voluntary and there is no remuneration. Your participation in this program is greatly appreciated.

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Find a Mentor

This is a mentorship program aimed at harnessing the talents and skills of young people through mentorship and it will be appreciated to have you on board as one of the mentees.

Mentee Requirements / Responsibilities

Upon acceptance into the program, commit to an orientation call/ meeting with the executive director of PYM.

Commit to communicate and meet with mentor at the convenience of the mentor.

Continuously maintain a cordial, respectful and professional relationship with the mentor.

Commit to not make any monetary demand of the mentor as such a conduct will lead to expulsion from the program.

The mentee must commit to the full duration of the program (minimum of 1 year).

Where mentees are younger than 18, a parent/ guardian consent form must be filled, signed and submitted together with the application.

Commit to meeting mentor in person at least twice in the year. For young people in high school, meetings can be scheduled during vacation. In the case of minors (below the age of 18), guardians can participate in the in-person meetings of their wards with the mentor; however, this should have been indicated in the guardian consent form.

Provide a 1-page report on quarterly basis to indicate progress on the mentorship experience. Report should include successes, challenges as well as how the program may be improved. Include photos if possible.

** Being a mentee is purely voluntary and there is no remuneration.

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